Stone StackersYour direct source for Pennsylvania Fieldstone!Coming to you right out of the fields and forests of beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania

StoneStackers StoneStackers StoneStackers
Supplying quality Natural Pennsylvania Fieldstone on pallets, since 1999, directly from the fields and forests of Northeastern Pennsylvania. We harvest and palletize all of our fieldstone.

Providing product lines of natural fieldstone, flagstone, and other specialty stone, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, for building and landscaping, to wholesalers, resellers, contractors, stone yards, retailers, garden centers, nursery centers, landscapers, masons, and do-it-yourselfers with worldwide servicing, and our personal attention to customer service. Using building stone products for retaining walls, sidewalks, patios, garden ponds, waterfalls, cladding, fireplaces, decorative walls, landscaping, flooring, chimneys, steps, pathways, and other stone projects will enhance the beauty of your home and business.

With our fieldstone products consisting of: thin, regular, heavy wall, path steppers, garden steppers, jumbo stone slabs, 2-man boulders, boulder baskets, large boulders, landscape stone, natural stone steps, natural stone bridges, and natural stone benches, and our quarry stone products consisting of colonial thin, colonial thick, colonial steppers, stand-up irregular flagstone, pattern cut stone, & treads.

We have the ideal stone for your building, landscaping, & garden pond projects. Email: or use our Contact Us link to contact Stone Stackers for more information and we'll be happy to assist you.


Stone Stackers - Announcement

Now that's a REAL ROCK GUITAR! We've recently came across twin rock guitars. Check out our new Unique Stone coming soon.

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